Adrien Bettio

Co-Founder, 437

Adrien is the Co-Founder of 437 — one of today’s most prolific swim and apparel brands. Holding accolades like Forbes 30 Under 30 amongst many, Adrien’s success can be attributed to many admirable qualities, one being her impeccable ability to forecast trends and curate coveted designs.

Adrien’s curation features a selection of abstract artworks in neutral colour ways. Her curation perfectly complements minimalist interiors — effortlessly evoking feelings of composure and tranquility.

“I love a muted neutral palette with organic elements. I often look up wabi-sabi/organic modern spaces for reference. For me, when a space can feel calming and comfortable but also modern and minimal, it strikes the perfect balance of being beautiful and liveable. I just moved into a new home, and my current obsession is trying to find vintage pieces (like travertine tables, or antique wood benches) to work into my space.”

Adrien's Curation —