Anji Woodley

Anji Woodley is an emerging mixed-media contemporary artist from South Africa, now based in Toronto, Canada.

Her work is a reflection of her deep connection with nature and her roots, which she expresses through the use of natural materials and textures. Anji has gained international recognition for her work, having been featured in various publications and brand collaborations.

Her current series — Keep Your Receipts — is a thought-provoking exploration of throwaway culture in today's society. The series showcases Anji's artistic skills, which she developed through self-teaching. She uses a range of recycled and repurposed materials, including receipts, packaging, and offcuts from previous works to create a visually stunning and socially-conscious body of work. Anji also incorporates handmade watercolours and paper made from t-shirt fibres, sourced from a Montreal paper mill.