Helena Battye

Helena is a British contemporary painter, born in 1990 and raised in Norfolk. She moved to London in 2010, where she currently resides.

Helena has had a paintbrush in hand most of her life. Her father being a painter meant most childhood memories included painting paraphernalia of some description - whether the paint ended up on her or the paper was anyone’s bet.

In 2014, Helena graduated with First Class Honours from a degree in Graphic Design at London College of Communication (UAL). It was here she discovered a love (read: obsession) for the Constructivist movements of the 1920s, including the Bauhaus and Suprematism. Throughout her studies, Helena gravitated less towards present-day digital graphic design techniques, and more towards manual techniques like letterpress, collage, and composition-focused painting.

She enjoys using oil and acrylic paint, texturized by anything from ash to marble dust to sand. Helena’s work aims to create a balanced, tranquil and grounding environment through composition and/or use of color.