Hilary Smith

Founder, Alvar Home

Hilary is the Founder of Alvar Home — a vintage homeware brand with a mission to celebrate sustainable living through sourcing, restoring, and highlighting timeless design with conscious practices.

Recognized in Architectural Digest as one of the best vintage homeware stores in all of North America, Alvar Home offers vintage furniture and up-cycled goods for homebodies and hosts alike.

Her portfolio reads like a round-up of today’s most prolific brands, and her curation is a direct reflection of her grasp on what’s simultaneously trending and timeless.

“When I’m sourcing vintage art for Alvar or selecting for my own space, I have a fairly wide range of taste – I’m as attracted to bold graphics and interesting typefaces as I am simple abstractions, soft earthy tones and organic forms. But broadly speaking, when I have the luxury of putting form before function I love to relinquish a bit of control and go with a gut response. That said, I find that the broader the range of artists' work and perspectives I'm fortunate enough to be exposed to over time the more interesting that gut response becomes.”

"Often when I'm thinking about art it's in relation to other objects in a room and how every element contributes to the Gestalt of a space.”

Hilary's Curation —