How To Curate a Gallery Wall

What do you do when you have an empty hero wall and a selection of your favourite art and objects? Enter: the gallery wall. Gallery walls are a vignette comprised of a collection of artworks — configured together like a puzzle.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, there’s actually several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when putting together a gallery wall. Here are our Curator’s top tips:

1. Choose a theme and/or colour scheme.

Cohesion is essential. Whether you’re opting for a monochrome aesthetic, or you take complimentary hues from each piece, deciding on a colour scheme will ensure fluidity throughout the vignette.

2. Select a variety of sizes and shapes.

A gallery wall looks best when it includes a variety of sizes and shapes. Mixing and matching different sizes and shapes creates visual interest and keeps the display from looking too uniform. Consider using a mix of small, medium, and large items, as well as items with different shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and circles. Our favourite tip is to incorporate your favourite record vinyl, a ceramic plate, or other objects to give dimension.

3. Experiment with different layouts.

Before you start hanging items on your wall, it's a good idea to experiment with different layouts. You can use paper cutouts or drawing to visualize different arrangements and see which one you like best. Consider the overall shape of the wall and the size of the items you're using when deciding on a layout.

4. Hang items at the right height.

They call it “gallery height” — or around 58 - 60 inches above the ground. As a general rule, art should be hung so that the centre of the piece is at eye level. View our detailed hanging guide to install like a pro.

5. Leave some negative space.

While it's important to fill your gallery wall with a variety of items, it's also important to leave some negative space between the items. This helps to create a sense of balance and allows the individual pieces to stand out.

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