Julie Deault

Julie is an artist currently living in Toronto, Canada.

She has spent many years weaving and working with textiles in Montréal and venturing off to study silversmithing in the mountains of Mexico before finding a passion for clay and ceramics and establishing MUSETTE Céramique.

From her tiny studio, she handbuilds sculptural vessels with coiling, slab and pinching techniques, a slow process that contributes to all kinds of beautiful irregularities and makes each piece one of a kind.

"I’m inspired by movement, textures, imperfections, but it’s really the beauty of the raw materials, the clay, that inspires me the most. When I start a new piece, I know the general direction that I want it to take, but I don’t always have a specific idea in mind. I start building and sculpting and I follow the clay’s natural movement. It’s a material that’s very much alive. My finished work is often quite different than what I imagined. I like this process because it assures that each piece is truly one of a kind. I like when things look at little bit skewed, a bit crooked, a bit rough. This looks natural and beautiful to me."