Katherine Allen

Trade Marketing, adidas

A marketer at the helm of adidas — one of the most prolific contemporary brands, Katherine is a superlative creative with a knack for style and storytelling.

Katherine’s creative expertise has been parlayed into her curatorial practice via a dynamic vignette that combines bold photography, cultural icons, and serene moments.

“Art plays an important role in my life because no matter which form of art I might be dabbling in at the moment, it's a form of expression that makes me feel good and distracts from life's stressors. I use different hobbies and interests as creative outlets, which ultimately brings me joy, especially during those moments of stress. I also love learning about how others use art to bring joy to themselves and those around them. It's like learning about artists gives me a glimpse into their minds, which always fuels me to find my own creativity, ways to apply it, and strategies for inspiring others to align with a vision.”

“For my personal design style, I aspire to craft my space with a Japandi aesthetic — taking inspiration from both Scandinavian and Japanese interior design, both styles rooted in minimalism, craftsmanship, muted colours, and natural, earthy vibes. I also love incorporating vintage finds in my home, just as I do for my closet. It makes me feel really sentimental when I think about what a piece might have meant to someone else before me. Yay for circularity.”

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