Nadia Ebrahim

Assistant Editor, Refinery29

Nadia is the Assistant Editor of Refinery29— a multinational fashion and lifestyle publication serving as the millennial and Gen Z guidebook to culture.

Nadia has also established her stake in the ground as a freelance photographer, having shot for brands like Holt Renfrew, PERMISSION, Uncle Studios, Matachica Hotel, Kotn, and many more.

Her portfolio reads like a round-up of today’s most prolific brands, and her curation is a direct reflection of her grasp on what’s simultaneously trending and timeless.

“I believe art exists wherever you choose to see it. It can be in the grand or the mundane — it's really just about how it makes you feel. As a visual communicator, art (in all its forms), for me, has become a language and tool to express values, thoughts, and emotions. Or it can just be pretty damn good to look at too.”

“Photography was the first art medium I fell in love with, but I have a soft spot for painting which I'm hoping to get back into this year. When it comes to interior design, my style is really mix and match. What ties it all together is the sentimental value and time put into finding and/or creating original pieces.”

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