Stephanie Brownlow

Founder & Brand Director, Carry Corp

Stephanie is the Founder and Brand Director of Carry Corp — a forward-thinking brand consultancy. Stephanie’s client roster boasts the likes of Canada Goose, Shopify, TikTok, VSP Consignment, F.Miller, and more.

Applying her poise and cultural consciousness to brand development enables Stephanie to build meaningful moments at the apex of contemporary culture.

Her curation combines east coast cool with west coast ease via minimal silhouettes and pops of colour — perfect for the WFH office, a commercial area, or any space you want to feel at peace.

“I tend to collect things over the years that pull at my heartstrings. I'm drawn to pieces that spark nostalgia, made by people I admire or that have specific colour stories I want to bring into my home or office to brighten the mood. I also love a gallery wall that feels a little haphazard or without an obvious through line. In my living room I have a wall of twelve items that are seemingly unrelated (visually) but they each have deep personal meaning to me. "

Stephanie's Curation —