Celine Campbell

Social Media Manager, Cossette

Celine heads up social at Cossette — one of the most renowned advertising agencies. With experience amplifying brands through strategic storytelling, you could say she is a curator in her own right.

Celine’s curation features bold black and white artworks, contrasted by one muted select for balance — the perfect formula to make viewers stop, stare, think, and appreciate.

“What drives my decision-making when it comes to art is the story behind it. What was the reason for creating this piece? What does it mean? What was the intended impact? If I'm going to have a piece of art in my home or in my space, it's important for me to seek the answers to these questions, to know what the energy and intent is behind it.The art in my space should be an accurate reflection of who I am as a creative and as a human being.”

Celine's Curation —