By applying our comprehensive knowledge of art curation do’s + don’ts (we call them house rules), our team will recommend pieces of art that will elevate your collection. Art consultation services are complimentary for all residential clients — we simply collect a deposit that goes towards your final order.


We create, facilitate, commission, and procure artworks for interior design, retail, and hospitality clients. We prioritize brand identity to strategically convey your story through art and design. Custom art programs are designed specifically for your project, timeline, and budget.


Production sets, commercial spaces, home staging — you name it. Through our seamless art rental program, you can lease works for a limited time. This is your non-committal option for whichever project at hand. Weekly rates available with a security deposit required.


After completing the art curation process, Tacit works with professional art installers equipped with laser-guided installation equipment to ensure accurate and meticulous installation. Don't be left hanging — it would be our pleasure to assist.

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Down to a fine art

Our art consultation services are led by our Founder and Curator Nuria Madrenas. Through honing her skills working across the fashion, design and hospitality industries, Nuria has worked with leading design-forward brands such as Byredo, Céline, and Holt Renfrew amongst many. She applies her keen eye and dynamic experience to commercial and residential art programs alike.

The Tacit approach is ever-evolving, never traditional, and always relevant — culturally, aesthetically, and ethically.

We collaborate with artists and designers to create moments that are memorable, sophisticated, and distinct.

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