The Drake Hotel

A hotbed for arts and culture, The Drake Hotel has long supported artists. To reflect their dedication to the arts, Tacit was tasked with transforming the hotel's new modern wing lobby with a series of art exhibits.

We chose to showcase artworks by Toronto-based artists to honour The Drake's local roots — Anji Woodley, Alyssa Goodman, Maxine McCrann, and Marcia Bianchi.

Services provided: sourcing, curation, and installation.

The Result —

Distinct Design

The Drake Hotel's eclectic design reflects the city's bold and dynamic community. We curated a collection of artworks to complement the existing decor and further amplify distinct accents throughout the space. We played with unique placements to captivate guests at every touchpoint, and ensure that the art program remains a memorable part of their visit to The Drake.

Brand Enhancement

The Drake Hotel brand is synonymous with arts and culture. A staple in the Canadian hospitality landscape, it is pivotal that the brand continues to innovate and offer new ways to engage with clientele. Transforming the modern wing lobby into an art gallery breathes new life into the space with each rotating exhibit; it enhances The Drake's brand by keeping it relevant and revered.

National Recognition

Tacit's art curation and consultation for hospitality and retail has gained international recognition. This art curation project for The Drake Hotel was featured in The Globe & Mail and Canadian Interiors. The artists on display have been featured in Vogue Living, Nuvo Magazine, and Elle Decor amongst many. For hotel brands in particular, this widespread awareness is invaluable to attracting international guests.

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