Complimentary Art Advisory Consultation

What to Expect:

In this preliminary consultation call, we'll ask you a series of questions to learn more about your style, space, and project specs. Our questions are thoughtfully curated to enable you to articulate your vision — we'll leave with a verbal mood board for us to curate your collection with care. 

From there, our team of Curators and Consultants are equipped with the necessary information to devise a deck of recommendations — tailored especially for you. This is an iterative process where we'll continue to collaborate until we land on the most suitable selects. Keep in mind: art collections, like humans, are a forever work in progress. The best collections are built over time. As we better get to know you and your style, we'll be able to make future recommendations when artists launch new bodies of work, or we come across pieces that we think you would love. 

Please note a $200 deposit will be collected to go towards your purchase of the final artworks. 

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