Laëtitia Damonsing

Founder, Dodo Bazaar

Laëtitia is a Mauritian-Canadian based in Montréal, Quebec and the Founder of Dodo Bazaar — a multi-hyphenate concept store that offers a selection of carefully curated vintage pieces, up-cycled goods, sustainable interior design services.

Having lived abroad in cultural epicentres like Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Sydney — Laë has cultivated a sense of style that is simply unparalleled.

“My relationship with art has always been therapeutic. A lot of my best memories took place in art museums around the world, more specifically contemporary art museums. Le Palais de Tokyo, le Centre Pompidou, La fondation Louis Vuitton, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum are some of my favourite addresses. It allowed me to escape from everyday life by getting lost in the pieces, to connect to what makes me vibrate higher and to fully be the dreamer that I am.”

“When I source vintage pieces for Dodo Bazaar I like to think that I am hunting and I’m very intuitive when it comes to my hunting. l know when I see it. If it lights me up, then I have to have it for my shop. For me, this also applies to art. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that make me feel. That spark up a je-ne-sais-quoi inside of me. If I feel, I want.”

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