Anna Tork

New York artist Anna Tork lives by the water in Williamsburg, which she turns to for daily inspiration in her abstract art practice. Originally from Russia, the artist moved to New York as a five-year-old and has lived there ever since. 

Physical places, seasons, and the passage of time influence the expressive paintings as the New York artist captures the essence of places and time. Memories evocative of the warming Cape Cod early-summer afternoons, catching light waves in Williamsburg at the end of the summer, and late winter on 49 Palms Oasis Trail in Joshua Tree. Similarly, Tork turns to her surroundings in New York City for vivid tones and form in the changing seasons and street art — a natural relationship with colour found from all around. 

Though much of the inspiration is subconscious, colours and ideas dreamed up at night and quickly jotted down in bed, water and light are sources of deep calm for the artist. As such, Tork recreates the feeling of relaxation inspired by large bodies of water and the rippling light that moves through water, windows, and sunsets. Angles, light rays, prisms seep into the abstract art.

Tork’s abstract art features a blend of acrylic, pastels (oil and soft) and spray paint on linen and cotton canvas. Charcoal, graphite, and coloured pencils also feature from time to time. Working outdoors and indoors allows the New York artist to take in her surroundings and interact with people, the latter bursting into every room of domesticity. 

Fundamentally, moving beyond the aesthetics, Tork's practice is centered on finding herself and capturing places through sharing art.