Bronwyn Hunter-Shortly

Vice President of Art, Peggy

Bronwyn is the Vice President, Art of Peggy — a new, cutting-edge social marketplace to discover, buy, and sell art.

With an M.A. in art, law, and business, and extensive experience as an art consultant, Bronwyn has a keen eye for collecting. Bronwyn has consulted on various private and corporate clients to advise on investment-focused acquisitions. The sweet spot lies in applying this strategic lens with her knack for creativity to curate timeless collections.

“I feel quite lucky that I've been able to chase my passion for art in my personal and professional life. I find art so incredibly rewarding, not only can it provoke strong emotions, it can also foster curiosity and connection among vastly different creators, appreciators, and cultures.”

“In terms of my interior style, I love a juxtaposition; placing things that might not traditionally belong together beside one another, especially with art. I think as long as you can get the proportions to balance and make sense, unconventional pairings can create a lot of intrigue (and spark fun conversation)!”

Abstract wine and grapes artwork pictured leaning against the wall

Bronwyn's Curation —