Cry Baby Gallery

A mecca for the city's greatest artists, Cry Baby Gallery rotates art exhibits on a monthly basis. For International Women's Month 2023, Tacit took over the space to host a show dedicated to celebrating female artists.

Services provided: sourcing, curation, and installation.

The Result —

Cohesive Aesthetic

Through applying art curation principles, Tacit was able to create an intuitive flow throughout the space, leading guests to the speakeasy cocktail bar situated at the back. The intention for group shows is to ensure that each artwork thrives on its own, while complimenting its surroundings.

Cultural Significance

The coveted Cry Baby brand joining forces with Tacit on an inaugural International Women's Month exhibition served to amplify women artists and demonstrate a shared commitment to uplifting local creatives.

Unparalleled Turnout

Opening night saw the greatest turnout of a Cry Baby Gallery show in history. Five beloved artists on display, coupled with Tacit's hyper-engaged audience lead to a packed house and a high sales volume.

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