Deanne Moser

Founder, DM Public

Deanne is the Founder of DM Public - Canada’s first public relations agency dedicated to arts and culture. Boasting a client list with esteemed institutions such as MOCA, Art Gallery of Ontario, The Drake Hotel Properties, Universal Music Canada, and so much more, Deanne is a catalyst for cultural shifts and an art industry innovator.

“Storytelling is a big part of the joy for me when I buy art. I want to know who the artist is, how they came to make the piece, why they chose their medium, the colours, the scale - all of this, I find fascinating.”

Deanne's Curation —

“When guests come into my home I tell the artists’ stories as much as my own. I love the natural dialogue you can create with art when you share it with others. For me, I gravitate to pieces that are a bit unusual and tell a larger story the more you look at the work.”