Erin Kleinberg

Founder + CEO, SIDIA

Co-Founder, Métier Creative + Coveteur

Wearer of many hats, Erin is a serial entrepreneur — and a wildly successful one to boot. Erin now adds Guest Curator to her list of accreditations.

Erin is no stranger to captivating her audience, and her curation is no exception. Striking, playful, and bold, Erin’s selects instantly inject life into any space.

“I am a big believer that design generally can impact your mood and feeling so I like to surround myself with spaces that I can feel myself in, feel creative in, and feel at home in.”

“To me, art is the texture of the home. The context, the fabric that helps create the ambiance, mood, and vibe. It can tell the stories of others in the community, or reflect something in your personal narrative; I love the concept of shared storytelling through works of art.”

“I feel very lucky to have spent time in some of the worlds best tastemaker's homes in co-founding Coveteur, and my takeaway is that art truly creates the soul of the home, a conversation starter, and grounds the space.”

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