How to hang

Don’t let your art sit there like your suitcase when you return home from vacation.

Trust us — open it up (maybe even share your unboxing experience on social) and follow our foolproof guide to hanging art.

Step 1 — Measure 58 to 60 inches from the ground. This is where you will want the middle of your artwork to be placed, as this is typically eye level. Place a small guide on your wall at the 58 to 60 inch mark.

Step 2 — According to this guideline, divide the height of your artwork by two and add that length on top of the 58 to 60 inch mark. This is where the top of your artwork will land.

Step 3 — Keep in mind the measurement between the top of the artwork and the wire or sawtooth hanger, as that will determine where you should place your hanging hardware.

Step 4 — Once confirmed, adhere your hanging hardware to the wall.

Step 5 — Raise the work up against the wall and slowly lower it to meet the hanging hardware.

Keep in mind — Works using wires can be gently adjusted to straighten. Pro tip: use your iPhone measure app and toggle to the level feature.

Gallery height

Try to centre your artwork so that it is equal distance from breaks in the wall on either side (such as a pillar, corner, or door). We always recommend traditional gallery height — this means the midpoint of the work should be 58 to 60 inches from the floor once hung.

To measure this height, divide the height of your artwork by two, add 59 inches, and use a measuring tape from the floor to mark this height with a pencil or small piece of masking tape. This is where the top of your work will rest.

You may need to adjust this height to accommodate unusual ceiling height or large furniture.

You may experience an optical illusion (BTS secret — it happens during 90% of installations), where the work is perfectly measured and levelled, and yet it still appears to be uneven or wrongly placed. In this case, we recommend you use your discretion and personal preference. When in doubt, send us a photo and we’re happy to help.