Katharina Daneke

Katharina is an abstract artist living and creating in Hamburg, Germany.

Katharina finds her inspiration in nature - namely, the sea. She paints mixed-media abstract artworks that combine organic forms and earthy colour compositions on paper or canvas. Materials are selected with the highest level of intention, as highlighting texture and dimension is central to Katharina’s work. Katharina’s signature style includes creamy marks, sand-infused paint, raw canvas, and natural wood framing — all of which blend harmoniously together to create each unique piece.

Creative expression via brushes and paint has been a part of Katharina from a young age, but it wasn’t until her second son’s birth two years ago that she started painting every night. This daily practice allows her to process emotions and calm her mind. Painting intuitively is a form of meditation for her.

Katharina invites the viewers of her work to slow down, get inspired, and find some inner peace and calm.