Kayla Kleine

Kayla started creating at an early age and fell in love with the ability to express herself through art.

She experimented with her practice in her early years and throughout the duration of her undergraduate degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art.

After graduation, Kayla shifted her focus to working with the municipal government, while also pursuing a graduate degree in Urban Studies at SFU. During this time, she took a step away from creativity altogether and focused on building her corporate career.

Despite moving away from creative production, she never stopped her creative ideation. Constructing abstract compositions in her mind served as a tool of repose during stressful seasons of life. Kayla then began to merge architectural concepts with traditional fine art techniques to find an intersection between painting and sculpture. In 2022, she decided it was time to bring her ideas to fruition.

Through this revived creative practice, "I feel like I’ve been made whole again", says Kayla. Each piece is a reflection of her thoughts, experiences, and the concepts that challenge her.