Kinjil Mathur

Chief Marketing Officer, Squarespace

Executive Committee Member, CFDA

Kinjil Mathur is an American business woman and marketing executive, currently serving as Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace. She’s a dedicated mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Kinjil’s impeccable taste is reflected in her curation — through neutral palettes and an emphasis on the female figure. Her marketing chops: unmatched. Her art curation chops: even better.

“I gravitate towards female artists' views on the female figure. For so long, it's been seen primarily from the male's gaze, but fortunately for us all, times are changing and the full appreciation of the divine power that exists within us is being properly reflected in art.”

Kinjil's Curation —

“I like to live with art that is thought-provoking in its commentary or embodies sheer talent and skill or often, both. It serves as a reminder that while not perfect, we live in a beautiful world.”