Maxine McCrann

Artist Maxine McCrann delights in the everyday.

Inspired by her passion for community, food, wine, and all things bold and colourful, Maxine’s work offers poetic depictions of life in Toronto, Detroit, and her native New York City. She believes in slowing down, taking a breath, and staying for dessert. Through her artistic practice, she strives to capture the little in-between moments that make life so beautiful. Nature, dining, friends, and her upbringing in 90's New York City fuels her inspiration. Through whimsical still lifes and figurative works, her greatest aim is to create art that transports both her audience and herself to the moments where we feel most connected.

With a client list boasting the likes of The Drake Hotel, Shop Coat, and many more best-in-Toronto hot spots, Maxine has become one of the city's most beloved artists.