Neha Chandrachud

Creative Director — Writer — Strategist

Neha is a creative strategist and brand facilitator based in Montréal, Canada.

Neha’s curation is eclectic in nature and deep in meaning. Her style evokes a feeling of effortlessness, a distinct sense of character, and transcendent elegance through and through.

“I think good art allows you to interrogate parts of yourself in a way that is of your own design. Although some work makes us feel uncomfortable, there's an inevitable safety we can discover within the conversation evoked while experiencing a piece. As someone who is constantly participating in conversations — either online, through my work, my community, or most often — simply with myself, this self-interrogation feels like comfort. And therefore art always feels like home.”

“I like art that isn't overly prescriptive in its storytelling, meaning I gravitate towards work that isn't highly gendered and tends to be self-referential versus highly pop culture driven. When I look at a piece of art, I like feeling as though my essense has been encapsulated and celebrated within the work, not captured or worse, quelled.”

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