Pia Metni

Pia Metni is a Montreal-based contemporary artist.

Her journey began amidst the tumult of the Lebanese civil war and the loss of her father, prompting her mother and her to return to Montreal at a young age. 

During her formative years, Pia immersed herself in the worlds of television and theatre, shaping her artistic instincts. Concurrently, she pursued a career in territorial management within orthopaedics while also studying theatre at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC & LA.

Driven by philosophical inquiry and drawing from diverse contemplative traditions, Metni's art delves deep into existential themes. Each gesture and line is infused with intentionality, revealing the underlying harmony within apparent dualities. Through disciplined engagement with form, line, and negative space, she invites introspection on identity, societal belonging, polarity, and the pursuit of meaning. Her body of work speaks to life's subtleties, urging viewers to confront existence with tranquility and depth.