Sabetha Mamokete Phetla

Sabetha Mamokete Mamoloi Phetlais a self-taught artist from Limpopo, South Africa. She is currently based in Cape Town, where she had originally moved to pursue her tertiary education.

Like many artists, Phetla’s artistic journey began in childhood through drawing and observing the world around her. Later in life, this curiosity toward creativity would lead to her discovery of different mediums of fine art. Since 2016, she has quietly grown in her artistic practice- experimenting with abstraction and realism alike. From this, a deep admiration for realism and representational art emerged. Using gesture, facial expression, and colour to create striking portraits, she aims to capture the lived experiences of herself and those around her. She takes on the role of observer and storyteller, attempting to candidly portray the subject’s reality.