Studio Sessions with Emily Newman

Q: Describe your art in three words.

A: Abstract, minimal, expressive.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

A: Primarily from my emotions and life circumstances. I’m also incredibly inspired by nature and other art.

Q: What is your favourite medium and why?

A: That’s a hard question for me. I work in mostly mixed mediums because there are things about various mediums I’m so drawn to. This year has been an exploration of how to combine those mediums in a way I find beautiful and that I can connect with. I love watercolour and fluid paint — like alcohol ink or acrylic ink. I love soft pastels and charcoal. I love heavy texture, which I usually create by mixing heavy body acrylic with modelling paste.

Q: Who are some of your favourite artists?

A: Joy Kinna, Celia Lees, Kitty Sabatier, and Jordan Nicole.

Q: Do you have a day job? If so, what is it and does it influence your creative process in any way?

A: I am a stay-at-home mom. It plays a huge role in my art. My life as a mom is essential to my art, as my art is essential to being a mom. It used to a hard balance, but I’ve found that neither can exist without the other.

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