Studio Sessions with Maya Naidu

Q: Describe your art in three words.

A: Organic, narrative, and nostalgic.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

A: My initial inspiration for photography came from my travels, noticing and capturing the contrast in cultures as I went from place to place and documenting the different visuals from foreign and familiar places. But recently, in and in the past year - especially with travel restrictions - I realized that inspiration for me simply comes from interesting light and everyday life – whether it be at home or abroad. Creating curious imagery from the ordinary is what my practice is fuelled by and what always motivates me to pick up my camera.

Q: What is your favourite medium and why?

A: Photography is both my favourite medium to create and to consume. Working with both digital and analogue I find enjoyment and importance in the two and find it can be like two mediums within one. However, I enjoy art in all forms which goes hand in hand with designing my home. I love to fill my space with unique pieces, whether it be the art on the walls, the pottery in my kitchen, books of photographers, chefs, and artists I love, or my furniture and textiles. My home is my personal art gallery consisting of all the mediums I enjoy and love to hunt for.

Q: Who are some of your favourite artists?

A: It’s always changing but a few artists who have remained my favourites are Jeff Wall, Sally Mann, Alex Colville, Vivian Maier, and Edward Hopper. Some more contemporary favourites at the moment are Phil Bergerson, Tyler Mitchell, and Sean Yelland.

Q: Do you have a day job? If so, what is it and does it influence your creative process in any way?

A: Currently I am a full time student and will hopefully be starting an internship this summer through my program. Before I went back to school I was working in the service industry and at a commercial art gallery where I was lucky enough to get exposure to and work with several Canadian artists.

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