Helena Battye / Synergy II

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Helena Battye is a British contemporary painter, born in 1990 and raised in Norfolk. She moved to London in 2010, where she currently resides.

Helena has had a paintbrush in hand most of her life. Her father being a painter meant most childhood memories included painting paraphernalia of some description - whether the paint ended up on her or the paper was anyone’s bet. In 2014, Helena graduated with First Class Honors from a degree in Graphic Design at London College of Communication. It was there she discovered a love (read: obsession) for the Constructivist movements of the 1920s, including the Bauhaus and Suprematism. She enjoys using oil and acrylic paint, texturized by anything from ash to marble dust to sand. Helena’s work aims to create a balanced, tranquil, and grounding environment through composition and color.

26" x 33.4"

Original; 1 of 1.

The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Founder of Tacit.

This work comes framed in a custom natural shadow box frame — a sophisticated framing process where the glass is elevated beyond the work, allowing you to appreciate the raw edges and comprehensive texture of the piece.

Acrylic and pen on paper.

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Helena Battye

Helena is a British contemporary painter raised in Norfolk. She moved to London in 2010, where she currently resides.

While formally trained in graphic design from the London College of Communication, Helena is more often drawn to analog techniques. Her practice draws influence from Bauhaus design to create balanced artworks with a focus on composition and texture.

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