Ilaria Antolini / Brittle Rock

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This artwork was originally created for an exhibit at the adidas store in London, U.K. 

Ilaria Antolini is a UK-based artist, inspired by the symbiotic relationship between our sense of self and what we portray to the outside world. Ilaria is largely inspired by fashion and the role clothing plays as a medium for self-expression. Through mixed-media artworks that combine magazines, textiles, and paint, she is able to create three-dimensional artworks with multiple layers — often representing double meanings and hidden symbols. 

  • Artwork Dimensions: 22" x 30"
  • Frame Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Original; 1 of 1.

The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Founder of Tacit.

Mix media collage with cut-outs from magazines, textiles, recycled materials, ink, and acrylics on 600 gsm Khadi Handmade Cotton Rag.

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