Daniella Williams / Morning Conversations (Original)

Daniella Williams / Morning Conversations (Original)

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Daniella Williams is a Toronto-based contemporary figurative painter, exploring themes of voyeurism, the act of looking, and the experience of being perceived. Through dynamic painted scenes and portraits, she captures mundane moments of her peers and strangers for viewers to intrude upon. Thus, challenging the viewer to question their role as a voyeur when interacting with her art. Williams’ goal is to transport the viewer into personal memories and moment in time; leaving the viewer to ask themselves how the act of looking differs from the experience of being seen? And how this position might change when stepping into someone else’s private sphere?

This artwork made its debut at the Cry Baby Gallery x Tacit exhibit for International Women's Month 2023. 

  • Artwork Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Original; 1 of 1.

The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Founder of Tacit.

Oil on canvas.

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